May 30, 2008

#24: Wax On, Wax Off

Check out this video: The Human Value - "Hold of Me" (Music Video)

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Go Away WhiteBauhaus
"Too Much 21st Century" (mp3)
from "Go Away White"
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Victoria & Monica
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The Human Value
Hold On Me
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ChasmRyuichi Sakamoto
"World Citizen - I won't be disappointed/looped piano" (mp3)
from "Chasm"
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So Hot - SingleDavid Lowe's Dreamcatcher
"So Hot" (mp3)
from "So Hot - Single"
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Nov 7, 2007

#23: Corporate Raiders of the Last Art (repost)

Oct 12, 2007

New 80s Vinyl: U2, The Clash, The Sex Pistols, The Police

Yes, I misspoke about the "new" Cure album. Turns out it's a new vinyl reissue. Suddenly, there are loads of new top-quality vinyl reissues coming out of England and Japan these days, including Never Mind the Bollocks, the entire catalog of The Police (start with Outlandos D'Amour), classic U2 (War, Joshua Tree) and loads more. So, pull the old l.p. collection out of the garage, order a new copy of Combat Rock, and have yourself an old wave night.

I know, I know...if you're like me, the old turntable died years ago. Well, like old wave music, you can still buy old skool equipment. This Sony PS-LX250 Fully-Automatic Turntable comes with a built-in pre-amp so you can hook it up to your new skool receiver (that doesn't have a phono in jack).

Oct 11, 2007

#23: Corporate Raiders of the Last Art

Pravda - People Unite!
Music for Animals - Worry
Glen Tilbrook - Parallel World
Stars - The Night Starts Here
Lene Lovich - Say When

Music For AnimalsMusic For Animals
from "Music For Animals"
(Three Ring Records)

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The Incomplete Glenn TilbrookTilbrook, Glenn
Parallel World
from "The Incomplete Glenn Tilbrook"
(What Are Records)

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In Our Bedroom After the WarStars
The Night Starts Here
from "In Our Bedroom After the War"
(Arts & Crafts)

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Lucky Number (The Best Of)Lene Lovich
Say When
from "Lucky Number (The Best Of)"
(Oval Music)

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May 21, 2007

#22: The Last Star F***er

Body Addict by PRAVDA
Europa and the Pirate Twins by Thomas Dolby (from his DVD "Sole Inhabitant")
28% Linda Kadis
In Your Way by Stereograph
Space Invaders (Go Away) by The Ladies and Gentlemen
Chocolate Boyfriend by schmoof
Discoteque Francais by Matinee Club

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Dec 8, 2006

#21: The Princess Divoree

The Travoltas "The High School Reunion"
Trademark "Come to Love" (video)
Moonlife "The Lovehaters"
Start! "I Hate the Circus"
citation: obsolete "Our Federated Approach"
Wallpaper Silhouettes "Your Weary Eyes (radio edit)"
FOLIO "Branded"

Listen to be eligible to win a Moonlife CD!

Sep 10, 2006

Classic lost 80's album

Did you know that the "Difford & Tilbrook" album is available on iTunes? What's next? "Cosi Fan Tutti Fruitti?"