Jan 27, 2005

#2: Low Carb Breakfast Club

Well, I got caught skipping Social Studies and ended up getting Saturday detention. Luckily, I've got my new Walkman with me...

Total running time: 23:13
16.5 MB


JackieSci-Fi Lullaby

(00:36) 13amp "How Do I Fix This?"
(02:52) Jackie "Switch"
(07:53) Sci-Fi Lullaby "Death of Me"
(12:23) Three Men & a Bass "Sunshine"
(16:14) Trace Elements "Slope"
(21:05)M.O.T.O "The Chicks Can Tell"

Jan 21, 2005

#1: Fast Times at Old Wave Radio

Our first venture into simulated time travel includes robots, space men, and snotty teenage girls...


total run time: 23:40
16.7 MB

(00:00) The Animatronics "9Teen 7Tee9"
(04:50) 81 "My Machine is Dead"
(09:21) Asstronaut "The Right Way"
(12:12) Charlotte Summer (Bizarre Love Triangle) "Cage"
(16:35) RALLY "Now & Then"
(20:07) Mr. Kane "La La La"

Welcome Back to the Future!

Welcome to Old Wave Radio: New 80's Music, home of the best in new music inspired by the great sounds of the late 70's to the late 80's.

We will be playing music inspired by (and sounding like) Elvis Costello & the Attractions, Devo, Squeeze, Tears for Fears, The Jam, The Alarm, The B52s, UB40, OMD, ABC, XTC, Japan, Berlin, The Specials, The English Beat, Adam & the Ants, Aztec Camera...

Yes, it's true, you can go back, but only by going forward.

Stay tuned! First podcast coming soon!