Dec 10, 2005

#16: Merry Freakin' Christmas

Yes, the season is upon us, time to count our blessings and get into some Old Wave Noel: New 80's Christmas!

The Mydols

Merry Freakin' Christmas by The Mydols
I Don't Have a Family + Its Christmas by Jon Sebastian
Christmas Tree Farm by PushStart Wagon
Best Little Christmas by Grizelda
Happy for Xmas by The Wes Hollywood Show
New Years Day by The Singles

Click it, baby!

Dec 9, 2005

New Listener Survey

Thanks to the good folks at PodTrac, we now have a LISTENER SURVEY. I'd love to approach a couple of record labels or other music companies to sponsor the show and to do that I need your help. If you have a couple minutes, please click on the survey button to the left and blow through this survey. Thanks!

The 2005 "Old Wave Noel - New 80's Christmas" episode is coming soon! Feliz Navidad!