Feb 9, 2006

#18: Flashdancing With The Stars

Hiram and Turu of The Human Value

The Human Value "Somebody"
Jupiter8 "Generator"
Big Country "Fragile Thing" thanks to Ian Grant of Track Records.
The Animatronics "They're Watching"
The Adored "Chemistry"

UPDATE:I originally made this podcast using GarageBand3 and it can't seem to export a "podcast" to mp3. I've uploaded an ACC .m4a file, but ironically my iTunes can't seem to download it! Nice.

So, I have since uploaded an mp3 also. ENJOY.

Feb 1, 2006

Video Killed the Radio Star!

Something to fill your iPod with between episodes of OWR:N8M: 80's Video Hits on iTunes! There are some "deep cuts" on there (be sure the check out the whole set), including videos I can't even remember from The English Beat, The Style Council, Squeeze, B-52s and more. I am working SO hard not to drop $71.28 for the whole set...

(link requires iTunes)

OOPS! THESE AREN'T VIDEOS! They are SONGS from 80's bands, for some reason pooled together as being "Video Hits." What the?