Mar 10, 2005

#5: Songs from the Big Reclining Chair

Too much time has passed since the last OWR. Still, it's no excuse to do a show before you learn to pronounce the names of the bands...


The Shinings The Shinings

"I Can't See Straight" by The Edgerton's Pen Conspiracy
"Summer Sky" by Skydivers
"My Own Private Moon Colony" by The Animatronics
"Solid Gold Pony" by The Cheeseburgers (Go Pop! Records)
"Here We Are" by ATP
"Pass Me By" by The Shinings
"The Strangest Game" by Barry O'Brien

Get info on most of these bands and download their songs at


Blogger SlappyCat said...

I IPODDED the first four shows before leaving on an 12 hour drive. OK, so it didn't last the whole 12 hours but what a great way to start out the trip. I am listening to #5 on my Ipod right now. This is right up my alley.

Please keep them coming!

Paulo (slappycat)

6:04 AM  

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